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DIY How to Make Your Decorate Plain Headbands How to Decorate a Headband


Choose the ribbon or trim. Craft stores are full of cute ribbons and trim. For decorating headbands, choosing a thin ribbon or trim measuring 1” wide or less is best. Ideally, it will be the same width as the elastic you use.

If you choose ribbons or trim with embellishments like beads and sequins, ensure they are only on one side of the ribbon. This way, it won’t get caught in your hair.

When possible, choose trim and ribbon that contains a bit of elastic in the fabric to make wearing decorative headbands more comfortable. Tug on the ribbon or trim to see if it stretches. If it does, then it contains some elasticity. You can also use elastic-free ribbon or trim with no issues, though.

Most fabric and craft stores offer spools of elastic in different colors and widths. You will want to find elastic that is thinner than the ribbon or trim you have chosen, so make sure you know the measurements of your ribbon.

Elastic usually comes in black and white, but you may be able to find other colors as well. Remember that the elastic will be on the bottom half of the headband, but it may still be visible when you wear it.

Next, you will need to cut the ribbon and elastic so that the ribbon is long enough to wrap around most of your head, and a few inches of elastic connect the ends of the ribbon. Measure them around your DIY decorative headband first to determine how long you need your ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon you’ve chosen around your head from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck or where you would like your DIY headband to sit. Place your finger on the end of the ribbon where it begins to overlap and mark it with a pen or chalk.

Measure five inches inward from this spot that you have marked, and then cut the fabric here.

Next, cut four inches of elastic band. This material will connect the two ends of your ribbon. It is essential to leave an inch off the total measurement of elastic so that the headband will sit tight enough on your head to prevent it from sliding off. You can always use a little less elastic if you want an even tighter headband.

Wear your new DIY decorative headband. After you finish sewing the elastic to the ribbon or trim, your headband is complete. You can layer it underneath your hair or wear it in the popular bohemian style wrapped over your forehead.

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Thank you for joining Lucy and me today. Hope to see you next time.

Thank you for joining Lucy and me today. Hope to see you next time.

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